Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

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Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministries welcomes you to Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and would be delighted to have you participate with us in our ministry to our church and to the surrounding communities.

Each woman by faith and through the teaching of God’s Word will experience the transforming power of Christ in her life and, thereby, demonstrate kingdom living in the church, her family, and communities.

In support of the Call and Mission of FMBC, the Women’s Ministry goal is to help all women develop and nurture a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ in order to live fruitful and abundant lives.

Women's Ministry Leadership Team (WMLT)
The Women’s Ministry is led by the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team (WMLT). The team is composed of women who represent a cross section of ages and interests within the church. Any woman member of FMBC, on recommendation by a current member or by self-expression, may serve on the WMLT. A member of FMBC is defined as a congregant who has completed the new members' class and has received the Right Hand of Fellowship. 

The purpose of the WMLT is to provide overall direction to the ministry through attention to the FMBC Call, Strategic Priorities, Board of Christian Education goals, and the vision and mission of the WMLT. Further, the WMLT shall ensure that the women of FMBC are given numerous opportunities to discuss and live out their faith. This will be driven through creating time for biblical instruction, service, and fellowship. The goals of the WMLT are to assist women of FMBC:

  • Experience spiritual freedom and fullness through practically applying the Word of God to every aspect of their lives and relationships;
  • Discover biblical answers to the root issues that keep women from being all God created them to be, and;
  • Embrace their calling to a life of surrender, sacrifice, service and Spirit filled living, that they might be life givers and instruments of revival in their homes, churches and communities.

Monthly Meetings
The WMLT meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month unless otherwise pre-empted by a special church meeting. Generally, meetings are held in the Center for Families from 9:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. All meetings are open and you are welcome to attend.

Our Guiding Principles
The programs augment and complement the programs of the Board of Christian Education with a special focus on increasing the spiritual awareness and involvement of all women by incorporating the four anchors or guiding principles into all ministry activities and events. The principle anchor platforms are:

  • Worship and Prayer - Worship helps us to focus on loving God.
  • Teaching and Instruction - Instruction helps us to focus on becoming like Christ.
  • Fellowship and Sharing - Fellowship helps us to focus on God’s family.
  • Evangelism - Evangelism is the base anchor. Under evangelism, WMLT defines two areas of focus:
    • Minister: Sharing God’s gospel inside and outside of FMBC.
      • (In-Reach) – Partnering with other ministries within our church family.
      • (Outreach) – Expanding our boundaries out into our surrounding communities.

The Women’s Ministry adopted three colors to represent our core values and our position in Jesus Christ. The colors are purple, gold, and white. The significance of these colors are:

  • Purple – the purple, blue or hyacinth, points to heaven, and was the symbol of revelation. Purple was also the dress of kings. It was associated with royalty and majesty.
  • White – has a direct significance because light is white. White denotes purity or, what is nearly the same, holiness. White is also the sign of festivity and triumph. As the color of light, white was the symbol of glory and majesty.
  • Gold – a precious metal. Gold is used to symbolize brilliance and splendor and is likened to knowledge and wisdom.
Thus, at each Women's Ministry event, these colors are represented in some significant way.

To contact the Women's Ministry Leadership Team: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Pray also for me "that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly" make known the mystery of the Gospel...

- Ephesians 6:19 (niv)