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Wellness Works!

February is American Heart Month

This month there was a focus on OBESITY in children, infants, preschooler’s, school aged children, and youth.

One in Three Children including adolescents (ages 12-19) are overweight or obese and nearly NONE meet healthy diet and physical activity recommendations. FRENCH Fries are the most common vegetable that children and youth eat, making up 25% of their vegetable intake. Obese children as young as age three show indicators for developing heart disease later in life. Children who are overweight from ages of 7 to 13 may develop heart disease as early as age 25. Let’s begin to teach children to PREFER healthy foods and set positive patterns of healthy choices.


BUILD a more POWERFUL MEMORY at any age

If you’ve heard this one, you have heard it several times: “ The mind is the first thing to go.”   Don’t believe it! For you, it can be a myth!

It is true that as you age, the region of the brain called the hippocampus that is responsible for forming some types of memories shrinks. BUT you can literally REVERSE this process and make the hippocampus bigger and your brain years younger. The METHOD is an easy walking routine that has been proven to grow new brain cells. A memory walking routine can be as little as ten minutes a day, regardless of your fitness level. LETS GET OUR WALK ON!!!!



Myth-busting facts to help you feel younger, stronger, and healthier! Will computer brain games help improve your memory? There is no conclusive proof that “ brain fitness /computer games” protect your memory. If you want activities that are backed by solid evidence to help protect memory, concentration, and thinking -- try playing board games, learn a new language, coloring, painting, puzzles, as well as engage in regular exercise.


Stay Active

Now you know what cholesterol is, how much it can hurt you, and some ways to control it. Stay physically active, control your weight, and eat the right foods! Finding ways to put more physical activity in your daily routine may be easier than you think. Create opportunities to walk at least 1,000 steps every day. Walk before and after lunch and stretch your arms and legs daily.


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Pray also for me "that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly" make known the mystery of the Gospel...

- Ephesians 6:19 (niv)