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Wellness Works!

Know Your Numbers

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is produced and stored in the liver. Fried foods are high in fat and a diet high in fats will raise your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol plays several beneficial roles in the body, but too much can be harmful. When it travels through the bloodstream, cholesterol is wrapped in protein and fat cells that will clog the arteries and block blood flow.

“Bad Cholesterol” -LDL- easily sticks to the walls of the arteries to form blockages or plaque. “Good Cholesterol” -HDL- helps remove excess cholesterol from the bloodstream by taking it back to the liver for processing or removal from the body. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!


Fat Intake

We work hard to make it through the passage of life - to survive and thrive. We are moving our bodies more, eating healthier, accepting the concept of mind/body interaction, and we pray.

We have gotten messages about managing salt and sugar intake. It is now time to learn about FAT!!! Cholesterol is a fatty substance circulating in your blood. High blood cholesterol can cause major health problems if left uncontrolled. If making healthy choices is difficult because of lack of knowledge, then naturally it is hard to think that what you consume could be life threatening. For example: Did you know that three (3) ounces of chitterlings has 260 calories and 25 grams of fat? Remember that portion-size counts!


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a wonder vitamin. It helps absorb calcium, builds muscle, and lowers the risk of cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, memory loss, depression, knee pain, and asthma. Radiation from the sun penetrates uncovered skin and converts a compound in the skin into what eventually becomes vitamin D.

The ability of the skin to make vitamin D depends on where you live and what time of the year it is. Salmon is naturally rich in vitamin D, which is also in milk. Many cereals are fortified with Vitamin D, so check the labels.


Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller

Last week the health message focused on Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A point worth mentioning is the fact that an African American neurologist/scientist named Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller had a role in researching the disease with Dr. Alzheimer -- whom the disease is named after.

There will be a Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Alzheimer’s Action Team display in the atrium after each church service to answer questions, share information about resources, and opportunities to sign on to learn how to become a caregiver.


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Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

- Matthew 9:38 (niv)