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Wellness Works!

The Will To Change

A few people have difficulty identifying the healthier choice between broiled fish and fried chicken, or between a baked potato and French fries. Most of us will agree that fried foods are not healthy, but some of us still eat more than we should.

So why are fried foods unhealthy? Fried foods are high in fats. A diet high fats will raise your cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is produced and stored in the liver. Too much cholesterol can be harmful-it will stick to the walls of the heart arteries causing blockage or plaque. A blocked artery in the heart will cause a heart attack. Know your numbers: ADL-low density lipoprotein; HDL-high density lipoprotein.


Help Stop Diabetes During Black History Month (and Beyond)

Diabetes is a devastating reality in the African American community. There are nearly 5 million non-Hispanic African Americans, aged 20 years or older, living with diabetes.

This month, the American Diabetes Association wants to call attention to these staggering numbers and the importance of preventing type 2 diabetes as well as disease management.

During Black History Month, lets work together in the fight to stop diabetes by committing to healthy eating, physical activity, and spreading the word to others.


What is Dementia?

Your memory often changes as you grow older. But memory loss that disrupts daily life is not a typical part of aging. It may be a symptom of dementia. Dementia is not a specific disease. It describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person's ability to perform every day activites. Alzheimer's Disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of cases.

What's the difference between Alzheimer's/ Dementia and typical age-related changes?

  • Signs of Alzheimer's/Dementia
    • Poor judgement and decision making
    • Inability to manage a budget
    • Losing track of the date or the season
    • Difficulty having a conversation
    • Misplacing things and being unable to trace steps
  • Typical age related changes
    • Making a bad decision once in a while
    • Missing a monthly payment
    • Forgetting which day it is then remembering
    • Sometimes forgetting which word to use
    • Losing things from time to time

Alzheimer's is becoming a growing problem, there are 88,000 Minnesotans living with Alzheimer's disease, and the number is growing. Older African American and Latino American are proportionately more likely than older whites to have Alzheimer's than other dementias.

Join the Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller, ACT on Alzheimer's Northside Action Team and learn what we can do to Build a Dementia Friendly Community on the Northside. Check out the Community Forum on February 19th. See Community Events item for brochure


High Blood Cholesterol: What you need to know

Why is cholesterol so important? Your blood cholesterol level has a lot to do with your chances of getting heart disease. High blood cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. A risk factor is a condition that increases your chance for getting a dis-ease. In fact the higher your blood cholesterol level, the greater your risk for developing heart disease or having a heart attack. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and men in the United States. Each year, more than a million American have heart at-tacks and about a half million die from heart disease.

How does cholesterol cause heart disease? When there is too much cholesterol in your blood, it builds up in the walls of your arteries. Over time, this buildup causes " hardening of the arteries" so that arteries become narrowed and blood flow to the heart is slowed down or blocked. The blood caries oxygen to the heart, and if enough blood and oxygen cannot reach your heart, you may suffer chest pain. If the blood supply to a portion of the heart is completely cut off by a blockage, the result is a heart attack.

What affects cholesterol levels? SATURATED FAT! WEIGHT! PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!


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Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

- Matthew 9:38 (niv)