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Wellness Works!

Church Olympics

It is time to GET READY for the Church OLYMPICS—an event in which over 20 Twin City Churches unite for FAMILY FUN/ Games, Relays, Double Dutch for adults/youth/children. Basket Ball competition’s for youth/adult men and women.

Walking by Faith for Adults—steps counting for miles calculated by the week. Roller Skating Kick Off for the whole family. FMBC youth won a trophy about five years ago, Greater Friendship and Wayman A.M.E. have won youth and adult trophies every year. This is the tenth year date: July 15/16, 2016. With that said WALKERS!!!! I have Pedometers for keeping track of your steps. The Church with the most steps calculated for all walkers will be recognized this year.

FMBC volunteers, it is time again for CPR/First AID!!!! Times will be scheduled for a Saturday morning, takes two hours, certification will be provided for FREE. Contact Beverly Propes, Red Cross Certified Instructor.


Build on a more powerful memory at any age.

There is evidence that walking is a brain booster. It is true that as we age, the region of the brain responsible for forming certain types of memory called the hippo-campus shrinks. The shrinking process can literally reverse and make the hippo-campus bigger and your brain years younger! The process is an astonishingly easy walking routine that has been proven to grow new brain cells. To start this super memory walking routine you walk as little as ten minutes, proven to increase the white matter in your brain for better decision making ability in two weeks.

Additionally, walking for thirty minutes burns off calories. It is time to get WALKING.
One glazed donut is 40 calories need to walk 0.5 miles or 1,000 steps
Slice of PIZZA is 272 calories need to walk 3.3miles or 6,000 steps
One hot dog is 300 calories or 3.5 miles or 7,000 steps
Double Cheese Burger and large fries is 1,400 calories or 32,000 steps


EYES are the PRIZE!

What is GLAUCOMA? It is a group of diseases associated with increased pressure in the eye. The pressure damages the optic nerve, which communicates vision from the eye to the brain. What causes it? At the front of the eye, there is a small space called the anterior chamber. Clear fluid flows in and out of the chamber to bathe and nourish nearby tissues. In GLAUCOMA, the fluid drains too slowly out of the eye.

As the fluid builds up, the pressure inside the eye rises. Unless this pressure is controlled, it may cause damage to the optic nerve and other parts of the eye -- resulting in vision loss. GLAUCOMA offers very few symptoms in the early stages. As it develops, a person’s peripheral (side) vision gradually fails.

RISK factors: African Americans over the age of 40, any one over the age of 60, family history, Diabetes, eye injury, and extreme nearsightedness.


EYES are the PRIZE!

It is easy to take your eyes for granted; that is why the National Eye Institute dedicates the month of May to making eye health a priority.

Your eyes will not alert you to serious problems, but there are a whole lot of body systems that hurt when you have a problem. With vision and the eyes, the most common diseases don’t have warning signs. We get accustomed to our vision as it changes and if we have small changes we think it is just a part of aging. Vision loss is not normal. If you have not had a complete eye exam once you are forty, it's time. It is also a good time for a quick painless test for glaucoma. African Americans have a high risk of glaucoma. Those with diabetes should have annual eye exams as well.


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Pray also for me "that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly" make known the mystery of the Gospel...

- Ephesians 6:19 (niv)