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GAP stands for God’s Ambassadors for Peace; standing in the gap on behalf of the believers, working to bridge the gaps that persist in dividing us.   This class meets on Tuesday evening of each week from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm and is for 5th – 9th graders.  We will be joined by the 5th – 9th graders of Peace Lutheran Church of Plymouth, MN.

The GAP Time class will be facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Karen McKinney, whose life work is in the racial equity, diversity and inclusion, social justice space.  She will work with the two groups of pre-teens together as one body in Christ, leading them in team building games & activities, giving ample opportunity for them to share and learn about one another and then to eventually begin to delve into the weighty topics of privilege, supremacy and the detrimental realities that both have created for our society today.

To have your child join the Tuesday GAP Time sessions, click here for the Zoom link.

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