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Memory Health

The following facts about brain health are being taken from research in Boost Your Brain & Memory, program developed by Institute of Aging:

Get a move on! Regular physical activity can prevent or delay signs of dementia. People who have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s Disease may be helped the most by physical activity.

Ooohhhmm! Meditation increases gray matter in areas of the brain associated with short-and long-term memory and complex cognitive processes.

Seek the Spiritual! In people with Alzheimer’s Disease, those who practiced religion or spirituality are associated with slower rates of cognitive decline.

1,2,3, Relax! Stress is bad for the brain and the body. Learn to counter it by activating your relaxa-tion state. Example sit quietly and focus on slowing your breathing.

Work your Body! Then Work your Brain! People perform better on tests from memory when they take them after period of physical exertion.

To Err is Human… Forgiveness is good for the brain. Letting go of grudges and anger can reduce stress and depression and increase feelings of well-being—all brain health benefits!