Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring people into a saving redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a Spiritual body whose only foundation is the Word of God.  We fulfill our ministry as we preach and teach, pray and empower, forgive and reconcile. FMBC seeks only to be God’s agent of healing and wholeness in a wounded and fragmented community, to be a congregation where all members are ministered to and where youth are valued and religiously educated to live a balanced and fruitful life.

Our Rhythm

These values will set the pulse for our ministry 

We are Resurrection People – We are created in God’s image, raised to new life in Jesus Christ, and the Spirit leads us in all that we do.

We are Healing Hearts – We’re not perfect, but we grow beyond our pain by helping others do the same. We help each other achieve spiritual well-being by healed from grief, substance dependency, racial trauma, and even church hurt.

We are Youth Centric – We follow Jesus’ mandate to empower young people. If we can’t help the next generation, nothing else matters.

We are Transformative Thinkers – We’re always discovering how to grow in our faith believing that new knowledge transforms our lives and transformed people change the world.

We are Honoring God’s Diversity – We see the God in everyone and that’s why all are welcome in the fullness of their humanity. All of our various colors, genders, ages, orientations, geographical locations and denominational roots just further emphasize the beauty of God’s creation.

We are Motivated to Give – We follow Jesus’ teaching to release what we have and share it with others. God can do so much more with our money than we can. That’s why we give generously to support our church and in turn our church gives to support the community.

Our History

The Triumphs of Faith – A Work of God in Progress

Our Call

“Equip the Saints for Ministry” ~ Ephesians 4:11-16
The Lord’s call to our Fellowship is to “Equip the Saints for Ministry”. We want to create an environment in which each member of the church will identify, develop and implement his or her spiritual gift(s) in support of the Great Commission, given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20.
The Bible clearly teaches that each member of the body of Christ has been given spiritual gift(s) for the purpose of building up the church. The church then strengthens the saints so they can live out the Gospel. This is the call of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.

Glorifying Him in our lives and causes. Meet our Leaders and Ministries.

Leadership Team