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Wellness Works!

Announcing Cora McCorvey YMCA and FMBC Partnership

The YMCA at Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center in Minneapolis is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with FMBC. Cora McCorvey, located at Heritage Park, offers adults 40+ enriching fitness programs aimed at greater independence and self-reliance.

The partnership will provide FMBC members 40 and older a special flat rate fee to join or a 7 day pass to try before signing up. The Cora McCorvey YMCA and FMBC will also work together to offer specialized fitness classes and joint activities.

Membership fees for FMBC members 40 and over are $25 / month. The first 60 members to sign up will have this fee reduced to $20 / month!

For more information, feel free to stop by Cora McCorvey to speak to Kari Davis (952-403-4799) or Jeffrey McVay (612-723-2412).


2018 Church Olympics


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Importance of Blood Donations

Your Blood is needed more than you think. When you give blood you help save lives. Types O, B and rare blood types are often in high demand and the first to run out during a short-age. African Americans and Latin-American populations carry high percentages of both types and the common ABO blood type a rare blood protein found exclusively in the African American population. SICKLE CELL affects more than 70,000 people in the US, most of them African American. Transfusions from blood donors of the same ethnic heritage help sickle cells patients avoid complications. HELP SAVE LIVES BY DONATING BLOOD. The lives you can save may be family, friends, church member or a neighbor across the street or across the nation.

See announcement of the current blood donation drive below.



Water is critical for body cellular systems to function. Cells comprises of all the tissues in the body. All functional activities of the body are carried on by millions of cells.

Water intake daily is more important than food.

Drink one glass-eight ounce before going to bed. Water makes up 75% of muscles, protects and cushions vital organs, helps convert food to energy, accounts for 22% of bones, helps body absorb nutrients, maintains Oxygen for breathing, regulates body temperature, makes up 83% of blood. Avoids stroke or heart attack! Re-Think your Drink - water is has zero calories and every sip counts!

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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 

- 2 Corinthians 5:17