As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention“. In that case, our young man, Mr. Andrew Brundidge experienced a need first hand and then got all handsy with it on behalf of himself and his coworkers. See the following article from the Minneapolis Spokesman Recorder to find out just what he came up with.

‘Drive-thru’ gloves debut at fast food restaurant

On Fridays, the crew working at the McDonald’s in Cottage Grove wear McDonald’s branded T-
shirts as their uniforms. But Andrew Brundidge’s shirt was barely visible since it was covered by his heavy winter jacket.

Working the drive-thru as his after-school job, the Park High School junior needed his jacket to keep
warm as he repeatedly opened and closed the window while reaching out to take credit cards
and cash and hand receipts to customers during his busy shift.

“My favorite station is the drive-thru,” said Brundidge, 16, who joined the McDonald’s team
seven months ago. “Except when it’s so cold, that is.”

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