Congratulations to our own Shana Moses and her colleagues with the Amazing Grace Chorus for being awarded a grant in support of the important work they do!

As program director for Walker West Music Academy’s  Amazing Grace Chorus, a choir for people age 55 and older whose lives have been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, Shana Moses regularly witnesses the power of music to bring people living with dementia out of their shells and back into the world.

“It is almost like watching miracles happen before your very eyes,” Moses said. Singing songs, especially songs that hearken back to their younger days, can help stir memories for people with dementia. When they hear the music, it’s like a switch is flipped.  There’s one vocalist, for instance, who needs assistance just to walk to the microphone, Moses said,  but once the music starts, “once the beat drops and she gets into the lyrics of the song, she’s suddenly walking down the aisle and holding the mic with her right hand and pointing with her left.”

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