Our beloved Girl Scout Troop 13780 has just wrapped up another season of fun, lots of learning and of course, cookie sales! It is to be commended that they were able to carry on even in the midst of the pandemic. Some things had to be done differently, but they were determined to keep it going and that’s just what they did. Bravo and hats off to our troop leaders for keeping things going. And to you members, a big thank you for supporting the one-day cookie sales event back in February.

Our current Troop leader, Taniqua, will be needing to step down at the end of the season due to some wonderful life changes she’s got going on, and congratulations to her! Before stepping down, she is hoping to find volunteers to fill the following three roles:

  • Troop Admin
  • Troop Leader
  • Cookie Master

If you have time and interest in any of these roles, or you know someone who does, please contact Taniqua at troop13780gs@gmail.com. You can also contact Taniqua at this same address if you have questions about any of the roles. Feel free to spread the word!

Thank you!