Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Minneapolis MN

Tanya King

Board: Trustee

Position: Chair

Email: tkfmbc@gmail.com

My Faith Journey

I was raised in a Moravian Church in Kingston, Jamaica, where at the tender age of 12, I gave my life to Christ and was Confirmed.  By the age of 19, having migrated to the US years before, I opted to reaffirm my faith and got (water) baptized.  My love of God and Church is directly attributed to my upbringing and the influences of my grandmother, who was a Church ‘elder’ in my childhood Church; my mother, a Deacon, and my step-father, who was both a Deacon and a Chaplin at a Baptist Church in a NY suburb.    Grief stricken with my parents’ death a few years ago I questioned my faith and wondering what my purpose was and why He could so freely take away the people closest to me… but it wasn’t long before I returned to the core of what I was taught and allowed God to redirect my path and I’ve allowed Him to continue doing so today in everything I do.


Married with 4 children, ages 26, 21, 13 & 6, the 1st 3 of whom I inherited with my marriage.

Favorite Bible Verse

1 John 4:4

John 3:16 AND

Psalm 23.


Spending time with family; having dinner with close friends; and rejuvenating at a Spa.