After a period of turmoil last summer, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) continued to firm up its top leadership roster on Thursday with the announcement of two hires in the key areas of health care and department equity.

Matt Anderson, a lawyer and 14-year senior leader at the Minnesota Hospital Association, will become assistant commissioner for health care, overseeing the agency’s largest single program, Medical Assistance, which insures 1.1 million low-income Minnesotans.

Karen McKinney, a professor of biblical studies at Bethel University, will become the agency’s chief equity officer, “guiding a department-wide process of training, examining our own biases, and interpersonal cultural development,” DHS said in a statement.

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We know that as you are led by the Spirit of the Lord, you will bring just the kind of leadership that the agency has been needing.  We love and support you, Rev. McKinney.  Congratulations!