Mission and Purpose

The aim of the Board of Christian Education (BOCE) is to provide FMB membership with knowledge through learning and understanding: to encourage then to know God through developing a personal faith in Christ; and to equip then to serve God in the power of the Holy Spirit. With the aforementioned as the foundation, BOCE is to encourage members to grow deeper in their discipleship based on the following biblical principles:

  • Imparting biblical understanding and knowledge – to be able to grasp the significance of what is written or spoken.~ Proverbs 4:1
  • Helping individuals gain wisdom that will aid in understanding and knowledge in a way pleasing to God and helpful to man.~ Proverbs 2:1-6
  • Training individuals for discipleship.~ Luke 6:40
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to serve God and others.~ Ephesians 4:13

BOCE is responsible for the administration and organization of the education programs of the church. Board members must be dedicated to teaching and informing church members of the Christian and Baptist church beliefs and principles.

Meeting Times

Board of Christian Education meets every 3rd Saturday of the month at 8:30am. The meetings are open to any member of FMBC.