The Children & Youth Ministry of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church falls under the auspices of the Board of Christian Education. Under this board programming has been developed that is diverse, vibrant and active.  From the cradle through high school, FMBC has structured this ministry to serve the varying interests and passions of its youngest members with the hopes of reaching, teaching and adding more followers to the Kingdom.

Our Goal

The aim of the Fellowship Children & Youth Ministry is to help our youth make the connection between their life experiences and their faith.  Using teaching material that is Bible-focused and activities that are interesting and relatable, we hope to help them establish for themselves that Christ is the Lord of their lives.

Our Youth

The young people we serve are an invaluable part of the Fellowship family which makes the investment of time, effort and resources well worth it.  Our youth return this investment by their commitment, their presence and their participation in the ministries and events so thoughtfully planned for their benefit.  Their involvement includes not only ministry and event participation, but active presence in the overall life of the church including Sunday worship services, spiritual learning and development opportunities and community outreach & service.

Ministries & Events:

  • African American Male Alliance
  • Baby Dedications
  • Camp
  • Children’s Church
  • Cub Scouts
  • CYPHER Youth Group/Bible Study
  • Girl Scouts
  • Graduation Sunday
  • Lock-In
  • Mission Trip
  • Promise Patch for Preschoolers
  • Real Talk
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Sunday School
  • Umoja Jamboree
  • Youth Empowerment Series
  • Youth Sunday Worship