What is Shake:
It is disrupting the norm to create positive outcomes, changes and transformation. It is our intent to do good, to show up for one
another, to SERVE in our respective circles of influence in order to transform ourselves, our families, work, and communities. Being
authentically HONEST and ADAPTABLE with KINDNESS generates creativity, innovation and resilience. By sharing our EXPERIENCES,
we continually renew our commitment to demonstrate excellence and inspire others to lift while climbing. And as we give, we
receive. Alicia and Janice formed a partnership to design and facilitate a series of experiences that are safe spaces for individuals to
learn, dialogue and intentionally collaborate. By participating in a SHAKE experience, individuals will have the opportunity to practice
service; honest, meaningful, yet challenging conversations; adaptability, and kindness. Why? These are the values that UDP and CSC
incorporate as they work with their clients. They are not unique; however, they are rarely practiced in concert. Something that Alicia
and Janice have incorporated into the way their organizations and they themselves have done for years.