Bob Shelton’s Sweet Swing

Bob Shelton will turn 86 on July 25. He figures to have totaled 85 or lower for 18 holes at Hiawatha

Bob Shelton’s Sweet Swing2019-07-31T08:30:03-05:00

Sheletta Brundidge does it again!

Our own Sheletta Brundidge in the news again, this time the national news. She and Shawn’s youngest son who is autistic,

Sheletta Brundidge does it again!2019-07-01T17:32:10-05:00

KARE11’s Breaking the News

The elders of the Amazing Grace Choir (Mrs Katie Sample, Ms Barbara Simpson-Epps, Mrs Vanne Owens Hayes, to name a few)

KARE11’s Breaking the News2019-07-01T17:27:02-05:00