Board of Trustees

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church’s (FMBC’s)  Trustees  are servant leaders who provide leadership and oversight of the general operations, human capital, and finances of the Church.  Simply put, the Board of Trustees is responsible for overall risk mitigation of both the property and human capital, as well as ensuring the church’s assets are in order; and funds are being adequately managed.  Additionally, as FMBC is Landlord to Tenants occupying the Center for Families (CFF), the Board of Trustees ensures that the needs of the tenants are  met.  Together, the members of the Trustee Board plan and execute the long-term vision they set forth relating to the operational and financial aspects of the Church once vetted and approved by the Congregation.   The following committees fall under the purview of the BOT:

Board of Christian Education

Children & Youth Ministries

Board of Deacons

Missions Ministry